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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Understated Elegance.    

We don’t just plan your wedding or event; we design and style your entire wedding/event! We talk through your ideas, work within your budget and make sure the day is fun and all about you! We’ll help you create a guest experience that is seamless, authentic and fun, showcasing what you love about the destination you chose to celebrate in.  

By choosing Understated Elegance to plan your special day, you can expect meticulous attention to detail, inspiring ideas and a stress free service to ensure you enjoy the journey to your wedding and during your special day.  

We’re not interested in producing weddings or event that all look the same or following trends for the sake of following them. Our entire process is developed to capture who you are and what you love about life and each other.  

Would you like a wedding that is reflective of you? Get in Touch!

Get in touch
Our Founder

Hi there! I’m Annette. I am the owner and lead planner at Understated Elegance. I have been in the industry for about 11 years now & have done all types of events from weddings to non-profit fundraisers. I’m here to make your day personal, elegance and completely utterly you!

At Understated Elegance we want you to be a guest at your own wedding, for your wedding to showcase you has a couple, I want you and your significant other to be able to take a moment, look around, and say that your wedding day was everything you had hoped for and more.

Let’s grab a coffee to chat about your special day because we both need to make sure we are compatible and if we are, I can assure you that we will have the most fun planning your wedding.


Fun Facts

I’m a mother, a wife, and a film geek! My favourite colour is blue, I love going to the cinema, travelling and obsessed with music, weddings and events

Contact us to get the party started!