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Top 10 Best Wedding Movies

By October 9, 2019Films

Who doesn’t love a good RomCom and a wedding? The laughter, the highs, the lows, the speeches and the drama, these are the perfect formulas for a great film. You cannot beat a good wedding film. Here are my top 10 favourite wedding movies, a mix of comedy and drama all with predictable endings but not without the struggles along the way.

10. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Breathtaking cinematography and passionate performances.

This film opened the doors to a hidden secretive world that only the 1% see.

Absolutely fantastic.

9. The Wedding Party (2016)

Incredible production design, the film is filled with drama, fun, love and ultimately I love it because it shows how extravagant Nigerian weddings can be. Not to mention the bride’s dress is to die for!

8. War Room (2015)

people praying

This is not a wedding film, this is a powerful film about marriage.
On the surface their marriage looks fine, however, in reality, it is crumbling. This married couple stay strong through communication and having blind faith in God.

7. Just Wright (2010)

Two great rappers, one great film. Some girls and guys can relate to both Common and Queen Latifah’s characters. From friend zone to winning zone. A truly entertaining, love-affirming film.

6. Guess Who (2005)

A humorous look at when a daughter brings home the man she is set to marry from a different race. A fun classic film starring Bernie Mac.

5. Hitched (2005)

Girl and boy cuddling

How the route to love can be so damn complicated even if you are a Date Doctor.

4. Love & Basketball (2000)

When the love of basketball becomes the foundation for true love. A loving growing-of-age film.

3. The Best Man (1999)

A strong cast and well-defined characters. To still go ahead with the marriage after reading what you read, shows true love can conquer everything, you just need to be strong enough and committed.

2. Father of the Bride (1991)

Father and daughter the bride walking down the aisle

A classic favourite of mine, an easy watch, full of comedy and love.

1. Coming to America (1988)

Bride and Groom smiling

There are a million and one reasons to love this classic film. The strong message of going after what you want in life even if it goes against your family wishes. You can watch this film over and over and you will still laugh. I love it and so will you!

Annette Wilhelm


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