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… What To Do Next?

By October 9, 2019Just Engaged
Guy on one knee to proposal to girl

Congratulations! You are engaged! You are marrying the person of your dreams, your soulmate, the one! This feeling is a first so let it last for a while, stay in your engagement bubble! This is the most fun, most excited and most loved-up you will ever feel! This person wants to spend the rest of his life with you! Yes, you! No longer boyfriend and girlfriend but now fiancé and fiancée awwwww look at that shiny rock on your finger

Below are my top tips on what to do after you’ve stopped starring at the rock on your finger.

1. Enjoy being engaged

I cannot stress this enough! Just. Enjoy. The. Moment. Stay in your happy bubble, buy all those wedding magazines, create your wedding Pinterest board (or change it to the public),  you’re engaged to be married, shout it from the rooftops, have fun!

2. Call friends and family

I recommend you calling friends and family, I know we’re in a digital era but I didn’t want those I care most about finding out online. If you consider me a friend I don’t want to find out online so go through your phone book and call everyone you care most about (yes if you’re reading this and I called you I consider you a valued family member or friend) and if your husband is anything like mine, when I called my dad he already knew he was going to propose which just made me cry twice a hard, so beware!

3. Then take that ring selfie

Ciara (1)

Get that manicure girl and tag us in your photo. #UEringselfie

4. Get the ring resized

Too big or too small get it resized asap you do not want to lose that ring.

5. Discuss who will be in your bridal party

Take as long as you need to sit and think about who is truly going to support you when you turn into a bridezilla because there will be a few moments. You’ll need the right support network to keep you sane.

6. Pick a date

rings on calendar text wedding day

And then a second date and lastly a third date, just in case your ideal venue does not have the dates available, you have two more in your back pocket.

6. Think about your guest numbers

Speak to your husband/wife-to-be, get to a figure and then stick to your number! This is your day, you don’t want to look around and see a room full of strangers.

7. Discuss your budget

Then double it, what you think about the cost of a wedding is just a thought until reality and facts are shown. Statistics show the average wedding in the UK cost £31,974 (2019).

8. Book me

Selfless plug but if you got this far on my post, you must like my style. Let’s have a coffee or a glass of bubbly and chat about your special day, find out if we’re compatible and if we are, I can assure you that we will have the most fun planning your wedding.

And lastly, DO NOT STRESS… the end goal is you’re marrying the love of your life. I’ve attended poorly organised weddings to the breathtaking weddings and at the end of the day… once the vows are said, they are married, the rest is for show.

Annette Wilhelm

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